Deeper Portfolio breakdown

i would like there to be a depper anylsis of my portfolio.
currently im having to create a spreadsheet and track everything manually.
if there was a deeper anysis on your platform that would make it amazing.
what am i looking for ?
Overall ROI ?
Sector exposure ?
Country exposure?
Dividen yield on my investments ?
and list of holdings should definintly be exportable.

Thank you :slight_smile:


Iā€™d love this too, pretty much the less we have to rely on other sites/tools the better

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yes, we would gladly use these features

ROI is the + or - at the top of the app, no?
Country exposure is a pointless metric, is Apple 100% US? not at all, China is their biggest market
Sector and dividend (based on last 12 months) might be useful but then it will be misleading for those with some Acc ETFs and some distributing