Getting Deliveroo IPO Shares into T212

Hi, Deliveroo are offering all customers the chance to buy pre ipo stocks. When you go to checkout you can select to have them allocated to your stock broker at issuance or one the nominate. T212 is not listed - any advice @David @alexk

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wrong alex, you want @AlexK

for what its worth, T212 only really offers access after shares IPO, not before.

Thanks. Yes I know. Deliveroo are offering them direct but once issued and post ipo they have to be saved in a broker account so there is a list of about 50 brokers you can save them too but T212 is not listed.

it would depend on the listing service used, but T212 is not attached to any external services, they also have no plans right now to offer primarybid support. there’s an entire topic on PrimaryBid with responses.

Thanks. I have just committed to them using there recommended partner. Will transfer if they do well. Thanks again

Just to confirm the actual IPO is Wednesday so we will have no issue buying on T212 at that point right?

Ignore the above April 7th T212 will have them


Just in time for the price to rockets up!

Didn’t it just tank?


yes, but by the time its available on 212 it will probably rocket up

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Yes. I pulled my pre-ipo money out on Monday like many others when the main trading houses said they were not supporting it due to employee rights issues etc… They launched at their lower limit with a valuation of $2.1bn instead of the initial $8bn they wanted.

There plan was to offer $50m worth of shares to Deliveroo customers and $50m to staff, then post ipo release them in a volume/ series of micro trades to boost the market price - which might still happen. Last friday that $100m pot was subscribed to $87m - Monday it was at $46m with so many pulling out due to the news cycle.

They were down 31% at 950am

It’s already on CFD today. Likely be on Invest/ISA in the next day or so. Just waiting on IBKR adding it to their universe and they’re notorious for adding UK stocks late.

Deliveroo will be the poster boy for the bubble popping. Loses money on every delivery, not robust enough to take advantage of a pandemic when they should have flourished. Not to mention the employment status issues like Uber. No thanks.

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It’s now available. And still tanking. You’re safe. Go go go! :slight_smile:

Brilliant now added to my fantasy portfolio :crazy_face:

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Several financial media referring to Deliveroo’s IPO:

"Deliveroo Flop Deals Blow to U.K. Post-Brexit Tech Ambitions" - Bloomberg

"Deliveroo’s flop" - Reuters

"IPO calamity" ; “disastrous stock market debut” - Sky News

Its only a loss when you sell.

I guess the million dollar question is - has the market got Deliveroo’s valuation wrong, or will there be a correction?

I don’t hold ‘real’ shares in this, but I do remember back in the day Facebook tanked as well.

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Very true, my friend.

The mother of all disasters is if there is credit or leverage involved. It accelerates the downfall and the losses are bigger. If there isn’t any credit involved the investor can hold the falling stocks the time he wants, even if it goes to zero.

Imagine someone has bought stocks with leverage, and the collateral stocks start to lose, he receives a margin call, and without more funds or stocks as collateral, the collateral are sold.

Or if there is some ETP with or without leverage with that stock as the underlying asset, the investor can get burned if the ETP is terminated early if the stock hit some trigger threshold.

The question is, if the (food) delivery firms are sustainable enough after the pandemic?

I imagine that people will “celebrate” outside after the pandemic is controlled.

Who will want to have all or most of their meals or drinks being delivered at home, after the COVID is tamed?

The restaurants, bars, pubs, clubs, parties will fill up (the speed of that is unknown).