Deliveroo customer interest registration

All sources say customers can register interest for the flotation from Monday.

Does anyone know more about that? Where / when / how exactly that is happening or will happen?

Seems like it will be through primarybid, but you may have to register beforehand in the deliveroo app

More details here:

A raft of ‘please partner with primarybid’ questions incoming… brace yourself…

Honestly, register with PB… throw your shares to any other broker than T212 and FT you have access to. T212 and FT have ‘historically’ said they would not work with PB as the process was too manual and didn’t sit well with their processes.

…and it can’t be an ISA, no. Because PB can’t ascertain your subscription levels at a third party. Even though the stock itself can be held with an ISA if you buy it directly.

Smart move by PB though. This and PensionBee force the question again to be asked of T212 and FT. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Lol yh should’ve put that in my message… plenty of primarybid supported brokers to choose from though and most of them have access to market makers for LSE trading so better than getting the shares put into T212 anyway IMO

Yep, for all their sins HL works pretty well with PB. So save the pain and dump you PB purchase with HL. Yes, costs, yes old school. But works. Actually works.

Just been sent an email from Deliveroo regards this IPO.

They have sent me a sign up link to register interest via the website. I would post the link but it looks like each link is a Custom URL. I have no wish to get shares in Deliveroo myself especially via this method, but just giving you guys the heads up.

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Wouldn’t touch deliveroo with a barge pole

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