GME - Voting Rights

Hey everyone :wave:

We’re excited to share that eligible holders of GME will be able to participate in the upcoming corporate event. All you need to do is log in to your Trading 212 account and follow the steps:


Nice, what about AMC?

Well done @Team212 for turning this feature around and, more generally, striving to give customers what they want insofar as is possible.


In general, we’re looking to automate and introduce the voting feature so that you can have it available for any upcoming events. We cannot commit to ETA (including AMC), but it is definitely something that we’re exploring as we speak.


Thank you for the answer, hoping to see voting available for more stocks in the future :+1:t4::+1:t4:

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to vote on GME!


Credit where it’s due. Thank you for implementing this.

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Nice change of tone from the angry wild finger pointer.

I agree though. Well done 212 for the quick turnaround.


I get no popup when i log in. Ive been holding my shares long enough before april date. any advice?

Update the app to latest or do it online :slight_smile:

Hi T212 - Thank you for listening to your community requests and making this possible. The interface is pretty quick and slick but do you have a FAQ or guide to link to that explains the process behind the scenes that enables the vote?

You see, some advice is to obtain your details to then vote on the Gamestop voting website but I expect that isn’t possible. If you could outlined how our interaction with the vote choice menu then gets taken forward that would be great.



FYI: we’re working on facilitating the AMC voting, and if everything goes as expected - it should be available within days.

Of course, we should consider all external factors that can potentially ruin the plan, but our commitment is clear: we’ll do our best to accommodate the voting.

Just for curiosity, if T212 lend our stocks, who gets the right to vote, the borrower of the stocks or us?

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22.10. With respect to shares lent, voting rights will be held by the Borrower, although the Borrower will be required to account for the benefit of corporate actions such as rights or bonus issues. This means that You may not be able to exercise all voting rights related to any shares lent. You will receive any other rights and distributions made on loaned shares.