Enable voting on stocks we own


I know there is the response that you are looking into facilitating voting rights for stocks we own but that’s also been said for a long time.

Can you please arrange for us to be able to vote on our stocks. I understand we just need our control #'s from InteractiveBroker to be able to vote. Can this not be facilitated?

There must be a process to be able to be put into action?

Many thanks


It would be a nice to have but 212 is only seen as a single entity on IB, IB can’t perform a look through at present. I suspect it would involve additional processes at 212 to facilitate as well so who picks up those costs?

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I believe it is allowable to charge for the rights to facilitate voting, so it could be an option for them to deter overwork and only requests for people that have a legitimate want to vote.


We are aware of the importance to provide a voting rights option and we are indeed working on implementing it, but I am not able to provide ETA at the moment.

Rest assured that we will make the appropriate announcements if anything changes.


Hi, is there any update??

Also would there potentially be a chance for T212 to register as a broker non-vote until it can facilitate voting sometime in the future???

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Also interested in knowing this.

eToro seem to have found a workaround:


Sounds a bit like its being done on a ‘trial’ basis more than anything else. I dont know if there are costs to say worth with a third party supplier to assist, or how you split the book of records.

Agree the ability to vote is important for retail investors.

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Could someone from T212 advise how holders of Bacanora Lithium will be able to vote in the probable upcoming vote regarding the takeover bid by Gangfeng?

Any holders of BCN, please ensure you are aware of the possible takeover attempt by Ganfeng and voice your opinion so your asset is not taken from you without you having your say.

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Kindly @Team212

Thank you for your support