GameStop taking off

Has any backed GameStop? it’s taking off, was watching it last week but did buy!!! :disappointed:

If it can make you feel any better I sold it at 16 USD per share a few weeks ago :pleading_face::rofl:


Well it don’t make me feel Better cause we all on this platform to make £££. Just goes to show the crazy up’s and downs this last year with stock. Sometime think it might be best to put stocks names up on a dartboard :dart: and hope for the best. :grin:

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this made me upset and i’m not even the person who sold


dont worry bud even if you had it T212 wont let you sell it


What do you mean you can’t sell it??? Why not

i bought shares and T212 wont let me take profit, says the instrument is unable to trade come back later

Because it went up more than double, I think Brokers have to stop operations and see what that happened.

Unfair to block people from taking out Profits but I am guessing that is why no one can buy or sell the stock.

Is that demand to sell causing a communications fault with broker??

Don’t sell at all folks this is going higher with all the steam in the train!! Lock your shares so they can’t be loaned out to shorts


Has to end at some point though? If none of you sell your left with a :school_satchel:


That’s the thing though, it’s all the short positions that are open that will be paying

I understand the principle but in the end the company does not have a lasting value at anything like this level, someone has to start the spiral into the abyss

How do you lock to prevent loaning? @Cashurkash

With limit sell order?

I think that buying in an ISA should do the trick.

Set a limit sell order for a very high price :slight_smile: mine are at 1500

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What do you mean loaned to shorts?

Watch this it might simplify it for you as the way I’d put it wouldn’t lol

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so high? I set mine to 950, think that’s too low?