GNUS data not loading after Halts

Couple of halts this morning, not updating on T212 even after resuming on NASDAQ.

It should be fine now!

Not updated since the 10.08 hold. Still showing as 9.74

The trading is currently halted. We’re waiting for additional information

Wouldn’t accept a limit buy order but would accept a market order only. But still pending…


Its tanked to $6.94 (12.48%)

GNUS killed me today. Chart and price was displayed wrong for a long time.
I placed Buy limit for 100x8.00 and 100x8.99 when the price was 10$++ and I thought I was safe but I see on other websites that the price went down under 7 but I cant buy more, I cant sell … nada

And i got this money back after finally selling GE x 500 with a loss - another case of platform freeze from last week.

I am really unlucky or there’s a lot of issues here :((

I’m assuming this will hit $1 after the halt is released?

4.73, T212 still not updating though

It seems to me it is only halted in trading212 and other sites can trade it faster?

Isn’t it halted at 4.73? Like the 3rd, 4th halt now?

Screenshot 2020-06-04 at 15.53.51

This sucks so much, T212 not updating. I’m losing loads as we speak. I don’t see why it didn’t update at the $6.94 like everywhere else did… that way I would’ve limited my losses…

I’m now about to see a £100 loss rather than a £20 loss…

Isn’t 3:25pm the last trade 6.94 before it halted, I don’t think its currently trading.

Anyone with L2?

It resumed at 15.45 and halted again at 15.46. No L2 but be interested to see!

Execution of orders depends only on the halts from the exchange - which are constant now. Price feed may suffer from such volatility and extreme circumstances. However, best execution is kept at all times.

Ouch, it’s like a diving board.

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Anyone see that drop then!

When you see so many folks comment on single stock, it is time for a dive :slight_smile: Yesterday on Yahoo finance over 3k comments… was bound to happen.

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I was expecting tears at $6 almost went double that. Made some people very very rich.

Ah so it was halted at 4.73 which explains the google chart. Just a delay in updating.

I assume its now halted for the 6th? time at:

Screenshot 2020-06-04 at 16.05.53

this is the stock somebody wanted badly enough to complain about being delayed? yikes. scary stuff these new stocks.