T212 Lags on equity, any help?

Hi Team,
I do know there is a lot of technicality in this game, but kindly be up to game, we invest, we make money, you make money, 50 50.
This equity NURO has a frozen price on T212 on $22.27 since 14.40, it has fluctuated and jump to an all-time high without T212 platform blinking the price, I would have recovered some lost profit but…

Can you let us know what is going on.

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Current price is $34 , T212 quoted $25 selling price, whats all this irregularity with T212, can you fix this fore once.

I also couldn’t sell by limit (even if it passes by) and couldn’t also sell market

I was up 11% and now i am -7%

All orders that are canceled by themselves

I could finally sell with limit
It worked for me after the last halt

Yes me too, and just got back in again at quoted price, hopefully i can recover lost profit if it goes back to all time high of$35

keep an eye on $CEMI

Hey :wave:,

The instrument appears to have been halted multiple times throughout the day on NASDAQ, hence the reason for the gaps in the chronological portrayal of the price on the platform.

Regardless, best execution is kept at all times.

If halted, can you explain why other brokers are trading or why Yahoo Finance price keeps updating and price is moving as required ?

The indicative offer(purchase) price shown on the 212 app is taken from Bloomberg. It all depends on the quality of their data what appears in the app, and any validation rules they might have(looks like a huge spike in activity causing several trading halts) to verify trading data before adding.

Looks like a bargain if you got in before the spike, what worth do you put on this share - planning to hold long term?

Cheers for the reply Dougaal1984, the price variation is a great concern knowing well as investors, it’s always an opportunity to buy low sell high or take profit but where you are looking at a frozen quoted price while the actual price is going to the moon right on your nose, it causes frustration because opportunity comes but once.

If short term opportunity present itself, we take it, if not, long-term might be alternative,

Therefore T212 should do more in the quality of data presentation, Yahoo Finance data was live when T212 data Froze on NURO that prompted me to post, T212 should do more for customers.
This is a once in a time HOT stock.

Yahoo’s data is delayed for most exchanges. I’ve no idea where the stock trades but if the price is moving whilst halted it’ll be due the delays.

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