Gold ETFs traded on EU exchanges (not in UK) with low fees

Because of the tax laws in some countries like Bulgaria it’s preferred to buy ETF traded on EU exchanges (soon ETFs traded in UK exchanges may be treated worse by the tax laws, because of the Brexit).

I suggest GLDA ( Amundi Physical Gold ETC), traded on Deutsche Börse Xetra, management fee is 0.15%.

Also, GZUR (WisdomTreePhysical Swiss Gold), it’s with 0.19% annual management fee.

Currently this ETF is available as SGBS on London stock exchange. But some investors would prefer to buy it on the Deutsche Börse Xetra.

Also, XAD5 is available, but the annual fee is 0.25% (not great).

There are gold ETFs with zero yearly fees (like EUWAX Gold 2), but this is a trap - the spread is bigger. I am not sure if adding such ETFs would be good, because some inexperienced investors may decide to day trade with them and…

With EUWAX Gold 2 you have no annual fees and delivery from 100g gold is free (there are restrictions, video below). They earn their money from higher spreads when buying the ETCs, which according to Richie paid for itself after 2-2.5 years, according to a video by Stuttgart Stock Exchange. I didn’t calculate exactly.

On JustEtf ( the annual management fee for Xetra-Gold is wrong - they sa 0%, but it’s not. However it’s a great guide to gold ETFs, in most cases the data is correct.

I pray :pray: every day to get some ETFs on Xetra, but it’s very hard… T212 is 100% focused on UK customers.

I opened an account on TradeRepublic (only Germany and Austria for now) and maybe will use it exclusively for ETFs.