Is it time to buy UK stocks

If all indications proves right, the long awaited brexmass dish is about to be served within hours.

I wonder how much has been priced into the market already to call for champagne or would red wine better suit :thinking:

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I think the years of decline are over also, no longer linked to European debt or forced to pay towards the EU goal.
It’s an investors dream right now, just have to pick the right stocks and gold awaits

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I think that means EVERYTHING into KEFI :wink:

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We will just get stuffed on the fx changes from foreign stocks now, as I expect the pound to rally today and then begin the road to pre brexit prices over the next 12 months.
Could really do with a multi currency account to return foreign investments to there own currency for future use

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I would buy stocks with less exposure to EU(just in case of no-deal or a bad deal). I’ve already cashed in more than 40% profit on my UK portfolio(banks, RR and reit) but surely there is more room to grow if good news are received before the new year.

If a deal is announced I think you should cash in and maybe buy back later the stocks you really want to hold long term.

Which ones r decent small-cap UK stocks? I know big names but not small caps.


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If your not sure just buy the ftse250


this vaccine is going to turn out more hazardous than Covid itself lol already a new strain of Covid or so they say but yeah, we are into another lockdown here in Northern Ireland on 26th Dec so back to prohibition times!!

Wonderful project for green peace this has all been?
Capture the effects on climate change in groups across the world during lockdowns shut downs and use it to fight the governments on green action. Some of which we have seen great change within this covid period so far.

Was covid an accident? The jury is out on that one.

My opinion is it was a war game that went wrong but hey we will never know. For now it’s here to stay in its many forms but hopefully the world will change for the better here after, understanding the effects our vastly growing population has on us as a whole not even considering our planet.

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Couldn’t agree more with you on the cleansing of the pollutions across the world. We won’t have a planet in which to trade on if we keep doing what we are doing. Good timing for Covid to shut the world down and let people see the results themselves of just how polluting we are.

Its 100% man-made and not that of eating a bat lol we have a new strain here apparently in Northern Ireland but, its just getting to a point now where we dont care as its doing more damage to the economy than needs be and why? Potential lives being saved? Being shut out from the world, family, friends, hospital treatments, dental, weddings, funerals etc lol weighing it up we’ve given our lives up for an open top prison :see_no_evil:

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Who knows the future? Even the present times are foggy for all countries, but now UK stocks are all-time low in global equity funds, it could already seen his bottom and now only go up (or sideways or down, who knows) :

It could also restore the standing of U.K. investment. The average level of British exposure in global equity funds has recently fallen to an all-time low of 5.8%, compared with almost 9% at the start of 2016.

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Buy Rolls Royce (RR). It’s almost at all times low. Now with a brexit trade deal on goods I believe it’s in a good spot to come back at least at pre 2020 levels.

I would stay away from REIT and banking stocks.

Reits have a strong future so to remove them entirely from any portfolio is a massive risk.

Chart house prices against earnings over the past 50 years.

The European stocks have been lagging for some years. The European politicians and Central Banks in Europe take more time to implement economics measures.

The US in that aspect react quickly and with more efficiency. Their “bazukas” are strongest and easy to fire than in Europe. Perhaps they are more used to fire the financial bazukas to help their economy, in an almost automatic response.

I don’t know the full impact of COVID in aviation sector, RR doesn’t also build engines to the Airbus planes and other manufacturing companies?

I avoid banking stocks all the time, like the devil from the cross. :slight_smile:

RR get paid per hour of flight so some serious risky back to growth implications ahead.
Also as tech moves to electric they may not have anything to offer

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There are not many engine manufacturers for commercial aircrafts(4 in the world). RR already got hit by both Brexit and Covid. Now with a brexit deal on goods and a covid vaccine I believe they are on the recovery path. Electric engines are not viable any time soon and I believe RR powered the fastest electric plane anyway[0].

REIT stocks already bounced back and I believe they are highly risky due the Brexit as less people move/rent /buy properties in the UK. After all, Brexit promised lower property prices. It was meant to be a feature.

You will never hold property prices back for any given period when there’s a massive housing crisis. Stamp duty discount, yes please 10% on to the average house price.

British beers stocks could be more quick to recover than aviation-related stocks.

The beer consumption can be locally and international (some companies have international brands).

Habemos a deal. :slight_smile:

Apparently it was already reached a deal for the Brexit. (Let’s hope that the participants didn’t drink too much during the festivities. :stuck_out_tongue: )

Morses Club big winner