GoPro And Nokia

What do you guys think about Gopro and Nokia stocks they’re cheap but do you think they are worth investing in?

They are cheap because they are very incompetent companies… that’s very simple :wink:

That being said… GoPro is for sale, not sure if anyone is crazy enough to jump on it… but if a big name buys it, it may have some good moves in future.

Nokia is fighting to get some 5G contracts… maybe with the pressure for kicking Huawei in some countries, Nokia has some chances… other than that, I don’t see good prospects for it for a while.


Agree with Mr. Above (first time), wouldn’t touch those with pole stick. :beers:

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I actually think that if the crisis makes the EU turn towards its own companies, Nokia could work out. To be seen.

I have traded GoPro last year for a while. Wouldn’t trade them anymore, unless there is a clear catalyst for that day. For the longterm no go area. Too much competition from cheaper action camera manufacturers in Asia.

Typewriter companies might be a better investment.