Looks like it’s going to be a wild day. Which one(s) are you most bullish on? :popcorn:
  • GameStop
  • AMC
  • Nokia
  • BlackBerry
  • Silver
  • LOL I wouldn’t touch any of these right now

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If it is of any use, I have been “keen” on Nokia and precious metals (including silver) for months now. I have a position in them since around April/May, with a bigger position in Nokia since October/November.
Nothing to do with online hype.

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Similar to @EquityInvestor, I bought into AMC before this all kicked off.

Not that I’m complaining…!


The pity for me is that I decided to go for the Nokia shares on the Helsinki exchage, which have only moderately risen…
The one that rose rapidly last week was the Nokia ADR in the USA.

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Are you sure? There shouldn’t be a noticeable difference btw the ADR and the one on Helsinki exchange - it’d be a big arbitrage opportunity if that were the case…