Granite share 3 x short Rolls Royce have be de-listed from the LSE

So I have seen this morning that granite shares 3x short on RR have now be de-listed from the LSE. Does that mean that there is a chance we can get some money back from the dodgy share price cutting they were doing?

Delisted :grimacing:

I was hoping to find some info on it, but it’s really tough.

Has this kind of thing happened before? Is there a chance of any money back from yesterdays dodgy shenanigans do you think?

I really can’t say, id just be guessing.

Did graniteshares pull the plug on themselves or where they taken down?

It sounds like a court case could happen if they cocked up. The hidden stoploss etc sounds like it was heavily stacked.

Where did all the money go?

I had thought you had to give time to announce a delisting. I can’t find any info at all. Usually there’s an RNS

We’re all in the same boat. Really confusing as I thought you were to be given a 30 day period when a delisting is announced yet this was delisted right off the bat without warning.

I believe that they had an intraday stop loss mechanism in place that was set at 50.01%, yesterday the shares hit that and an adjustment was made to cover it, but hours later in the day another intraday stop loss accrued which essentially equates to over 100% loss of funds, hence the delisting of it because it had a value of less than zero, I lost about 2k on it over the past two weeks but I understand a few people were in this big time, which totally sucks! Big lessons learnt!

The question is then. Why were 212 still accepting the purchase of the stock when it was suspended. A friend of mine brought in at 13.06 and the order was executed but in theory the stock had been suspended?

Also, why were we not able to sell the stock from 12.20 through to 1500 or whenever it was.

All seems very dodgy to me.

you can buy a share at what you thought was 14.2p the whole time the trade was suspended but you couldn’t sell ??..

“ I have spoken to Granite themselves and they have stated that it has not been delisted and that there are security issues.i have also spoken to london stock exchange and they have stated that it has not been delisted. they also stated it is not the end of the world.” someone on twitter that had posted this yet on trading212 it states that it has been delisted from LSE so not sure what is happening.

T212 gets its info from Bloomberg, they don’t touch the data feed or status its all pulled in.

Screenshot 2020-11-10 at 10.14.11

See the other thread on this topic.

Doesn’t appear that they have been delisted but GraniteShares state on their website all the calculations for yesterday’s 3 rebalancing events (it appears trading was still possible between those events) and that they intend early redemption of the ETP - presumably because the value of the ETP is heading towards or going to be negative?

@red pretty spot on what you just said

To answer all question about early redemption and de-listing, we have created a topic: