Rolls Royce - GHOST

With the release of the ultra sexy new car “Ghost” by RR :drooling_face: and the huge drop in share price today - curious to see what people think?

Personally I’m all in with RR at the moment and for the foreseeable. Even stopping dividends hasn’t deterred me from sticking with them. There my only UK car/engine company stock that I hold.

Be keen to hear others takes on the business and what you think about the new car and RR future…

Was surprised to see such a dip today…

Isn’t it down because they’ve lost many billions in 2020 so far? No air travel and fixing that dodgy engine.

It’ll go under a quid in my book. :grimacing:

Edit: 80p target by JP

80p :see_no_evil: damn!! Best saves some money aside for that potential nose dive!! I’m hoping they’ll be wrong.

I just wondered why they’d hit their biggest dip when they’ve released positive news. I guess that’s the volatility and total unpredictability of the market.

Lost billions…but it’s not stopped them having a swanky new image/logo boost that’s been MONTHS in the making. Guess I know what my money is being spent on.

I’ll stick by them but will quit topping up (for now)

I hope it’s wrong and it turns around but I think the negative outweighs the positive for now.

This was last week…

And things like this haven’t helped

Going to give this a good read after work. Thank you.

Oh, I thought u bought a Ghost with your T212 shares or smth :grinning:

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Oh yeah…they do a toy version right? :roll_eyes:

@phildawson is absolutely right, RR is hit harded than the airlines, even without the glitches in their engines.

in this game of dominos Airlines -> Boeing/Airbus -> RR

Can’t assess the 2nd article.

I know it’s bad for them…but eventually they’ll come back from this.

Could I have invested that money more wisely in hindsight - hell yeah - I’m here for the long long looooong now :crossed_fingers:t2: sentimental shares. No regrets (yet!)

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Also don’t BMW own the Rolls Royce brand? Just wiki’d them to check and see the link.

Just glanced over the RR financial statements and there is no mention of Automotive Revenue whatsoever. If you own them for their cars time to re-evaluate.

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I mean their cars are gorgeous (personally I love them) but I own for aviation.

Did you get rid of RR @CeeGee?

That 80p JP target looking like it was a good shout.

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RR holdings is purely aviation/power systems.

Nothing to do with automotive.

As someone mentioned the car side is owned by BMW. As with everything we sell out, we are cucks, anything decent like ARM we allow it. We need to grow some balls and protect our industries.

Yes completely separate from the German BMW ‘Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Limited’, I don’t know if you meant to reply to me.

I think @CeeGee knows the stock is just the British aviation side, or maybe not. :thinking:

Reduced air travel, dodgy engines, and begging for billions to stay alive. Already £2b debt, asking for another £2b from shareholders and another £1b on top.

I bought into RR for the aviation side of things and I do believe they will have a come back but my god not for several years! They’ve been hit disgustingly hard :pensive:

The GHOST thread was for viewing the sexy new car launched.

It’s been a sentimental hold (my dad built plane engines for them for a loooooong time!) but the way it’s plummeting now has taught me a HUGE lesson, take sentiment out of things in the stock market. The market doesn’t give a :persevere: about sentiment.

I haven’t sold and will continue to hold (not much choice) if it falls to 80p which is looking more likely than ever I’ll average down.

I can’t see them going anywhere but I think it’s going to be a long time now until I see any money back or who knows what will happen. Just going to keep my eye on it now. I’m not stressed as it’s not a life changing amount I have in with them but it’s money I perhaps could I used elsewhere - GGP - cough cough.

Anyone else still invested in RR?

Yes and I’ll add during rights issue.

Because thu make thier money by charging per mile on aircraft engines.

A subscription kind of deal, but theres no real long haul flights atm so they’re getting very little income.

So it’s notthe dominoes kali listed off airline>Airbus/Boeing>rr its

Rr/airlines>Airbus Boeing.

The second planes stop flying is the second rr start losing money because they dont “sell” engines they rent them per mile/miniute

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Tefal is spot on, RR business model is to blame for their shortfall and poor hedging.

I lost a job with them thanks to Covid. Thanks all you cowards behind your face masks lolz.


Up 25% today. What’s the news? Was waiting for my 80p average down.

70% this past week!

I think people must be calculating the TERP and are afraid of missing out due to heavy diltuion, FOMO? I got burnt shorting.

Doesn’t make any sense to me though.

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