Graph of your balance

Hi! I like investing, but when I sell my stocks my portfolio value drops. (Makes sense). Is there a graph that shows you your balance Info instead of just a portfolio?

If not, that’s another idea!


I suggested something similar a while ago. to be able to choose which graph is displayed between an invest only style portfolio and one that has trader-like tendencies such as selling and moving funds. As long as the graph is weighted this would also be very useful in determining total true return on funds invested.

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Came here to suggest this. Has there been any news or replies from 212?

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We have planned adding an option to switch between portfolio graph and account balance graph along with other improvements such as more return calculation options, however, this is still not very high on the priority list.


Hey @George is there any update on this feature?

For example, when I add money to the account or sell some stocks in order to buy something else the amount invested changes radically and obviously the graph jumps up and down and makes the whole feature useless.

I can only speak for myself but I think it would make the portfolio chart a lot more usable if we could choose to chart the Return instead of the Invested amount.

Since you guys already have the data in hand in that graph I don’t see it being much of an issue.

Perhaps make “INVESTED” and “RETURN” clickable so that we can change the graph?
Would making one map to the current “portfolio-invested” data and the other to “portfolio-return” work?

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the issues is currently the chart is measuring “how much you invested in stocks” against “what is your portfolio now worth”. so when you sell and reallocate funds the chart is adjusted.

a few requests have been made for a while to allow an alternative chart that references the “amount of funds deposited in the account” weighted against the returns and adjusted only when deposit’s and withdrawals are made.

likely something we will see a few more months from now since its just a visual element and most of us track our portfolio’s externally for better accuracy.

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It would probably be more beneficial to show the graph of overall ‘Account value’ for people who sell and buy frequently.