Returns Graph instead of Portfolio graph


Can you please add this choice when we are checking the portfolio, the portfolio graph is not good when you are adding money because it’s appearing like a big jump. I want to have the choice to only see my returns performance per day/week/month etc…

I think it’s a easy feature to add.

Thank you


I massively 2nd this. A key strategy to investing is being able to read the return rates to determine how a stock is growing. I was able to avoid the recent bitcoin crash by identifying an inverse line in the growth over several days; sold my BTC (etoro) a day before it dropped over 10%. Being able to do this with stocks would be a huge benefit in estimating future returns or avoiding losses.


It really would be nice to have that option. And like where you could see the returns for a specific period, how has my portfolio done in the last day or last 3 months on a returns basis. It would be nice to see the growth of a particular period of the overall portfolio as well like how you can see the 3month or 1year returns on individual stocks for example.


I think this feature needs more attention - I find the current charts pretty meaningless when I’ve topped up on the recent dips as I just have a staircase for a portfolio chart even though the returns at times can be negative - makes little sense vs a returns chart.

Perhaps have a checkbox on the current chart to ‘include deposits’? It’d also be nice if the returns figure adjusted to the selected time window - like other platforms (e.g. eToro).


Yes and would be great to be able to select a day/week/month option on the portfolio chart so I can see my returns over that period, much as you an do when reviewing stocks. Great feelings await when you can see daily gains… maybe even by the minute… hmmm greens… XD


If it helps the google sheet I built does this.

It’s not actually as simple as it sounds as you’ll see.

You effectively need to unitise your cash inflows/outflows at a notional value.

Please fix this, it doesn’t make sense. At a glance you’d think the portfolio is well into the green.

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The above is definitely on our To-Do list.

We are strongly considering the addition of Money Weighted Rate of Return & Time-Weighted Rate of Returns, however, I do not have an ETA at this instance.

Nevertheless, you will be the first to know, as soon as this optimization is available. :v:


Thanks for your answer @B.E . I will be enabling notification for this post. I am extremely interested in this feature.

Am i missing something here? The dotted line is how much you’ve invested and the blue line is the portfolio value. Is this not what people are asking for?

It’s only for current investments not for the past transactions.


I see! Thanks for clarifying.

I’ve just started using google sheets and making use of the sparkline charts. I’d be interested in seeing a copy of yours so I can learn from the structure you have. Can you send me a link?

You can filter the timescale when reviewing a specific stock, but you can’t do the same with the portfolio summary, which only states our overall performance for our entire investment time period. To have the same day/week/month/year/max filter system would allow us to see out returns over those periods of time, to review our performance over the strategy we adopted over that time period.

Let me see what I can share as I have a lot of my accounts set to send stuff to google and then auto scrape into google sheets.

If you are someone who deposits regularly and didn’t start with a fixed amount of capital, this is a necessity to track real performance.
As the simple rate of return is not sophisticated enough, nor does it reflect how well you’ve performed vs other alternatives.
I manage to do this myself externally on an excel workbook, but it would be great if T212 added this feature to the app. Most other alternatives have this key feature.

Thank you!

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Would also be great if the suggested returns graph could be compared to a benchmark so you can see how you’re really doing compared to the market.


Checking in to see if there’s any progress / news on this - far and away my most sought after improvement.


I’ll +1 this, current chart doesn’t provide much/any value to me.


I also agree that adding an returns graph and other forms of graphs would be very helpful and increase the user experience.

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