Better (Updated) Portfolio graph

Can we please get an updated portfolio / returns graph? There are a few new things I would like to see.

Firstly, I would love for the returns on the graph to actually showcase the returns within the time window, for example the weekly returns when I click on “1W” for the graph, and all time returns if I click on “MAX” in the graph.

Secondly, can we extend the graph to fit all of the space? If I have been investing for 5 months, yet I click on “1Y” graph, why does it show that I invested £0 for the first 7 months? Why not just extend it to fit all of the graph space and I can deduce that I have only invested for 5 months, not a year by the x-axis on the bottom which will say like “April” (when the first deposit was invested) etc.?

The top picture shows what I mean by the graph doesn’t fit “all of the space”. This is visually unappealing.

Nevertheless, I’d like to emphasis how much I love Trading212 and I value it above all other competitors. I’m just trying to give my thoughts!

Thank you so much,


Another vote for this please! Point 1 is the most important to me. I’d also like to see a full breakdown of each month so I can track progress on portfolio plus any changes I make during this time E.g. January +7%, February -2%