Greatest global squeeze in history against market manipulation #silverqueeze

This video needs to go viral.

Expecting silver to be pushed high in Feb and March. Look for it breaking $30 :eyes:

Only problem I have with Silver is that you are Taxed on top of the Premium the Bullion shops slap on top of it.

The Royal Mint has ran out of 1 Oz Britannia Bullion I noticed.

It is otherwise a good investment but if you want to use it to make bigger returns you have to hold through the Volatility.


Yea and have a few trillion to move the market


Why? My crystal ball is broken…

Another pump scheme?!

It’s Trading 212 forum becoming a Reddit/WSB extension?

If people wants to read or see videos from Reddit/WSB, they could go there.

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I think he needs to find some tin for his hat


This isn’t about Reddit/WSB.

Most were in nappies on the previous attempt to correct the manipulated hold on Silver.

Silver should currently be at about ~$1000 dollars.

We have Gold at $1,838 an ounce.
We have Silver at $26 an ounce.

It’s been about four decades getting to this point in time.

Back in ~2011 we had an attempt to correct this hold down, however businesses like JPM manipulated the market to prevent that from happening.

Last year they admitted manipulation and got slapped with a 1.26 Billion dollar fine.

If you’ve been looking at the charts the current bull run started back at Covid in March 2020.

It’s currently in a situation where if it manages to break the $30 resistance then it’s heading towards the $48 previous. If it breaks that the sky is the limit.

Conspiracy nonsense. The problem with silver (more so than gold) is that there is a fair amount of it out there but it hasn’t been worth mining as the value has been low.

The point about move away from gold standard and bank gold/silver holdings is irrelevant and has been irrelevant since the move from gold standard. Currency isn’t pegged to a gold valuation and hasn’t been for decades.

Market is too dam big to move it!

Also pretty sure everyone just spunked their money on GME and amc, so whatever firepower they had is severely limited now.

Diamond hands means I can’t see them being able to leverage up, also the mental beating from buying at 400 probably means they won’t want to margin much anytime soon!

They will never sell anyway so unless they didn’t invest it all they are all out of :banana:

It isn’t about WSB they don’t like silver because it takes(took) people away from holding GME / AMC. They want(ed) as much support on those. As you say :gem::raised_hand:

Silver squeeze is about the retail traders around the world buying up physical and putting pressure on it.

The only thing WSB did is shine a light on it from one person’s post to support it. And then got massive backlash with GME/AMC supporters making up crap about its planned by Citadel etc which is nonsense. So it just created a big division.

That video is basically a stop squabbling, there’s a chance to actually make a stand against the massive short positions taken on silver.

It doesn’t take much for the snowball to start rolling. When it breaks $30 and that becomes support the game changes.

Taking 30 back to 26 was such a ridiculous display of manipulation in such a short timeframe.

Just look at that weekly MACD however I think it’s far from over.

I could well be wrong (probably am) but I’ll update start of March and see what happened.

Here’s what happened from Covid to the same $30 resistance point back in June.

It’s definitely in a bull run. It’s going to take a big collective push to break through $30 but it takes people to understand it’s real, not something the bank’s want you to do, that it’s all about physical silver.

If it doesn’t happen this month, it’ll trigger when the next bubble pops.

Update on the first video recapping what happened yesterday to get it back to JPM target.