Please let me know your thoughts

Just wanted some suggestions on my pie and anything else anyone would recommend

Why so heavy into Pfizer and healthcare in general? (with PFE, Astra, smile and ontrak you have 67% in healthcare, a bit much imo) Maybe you know something about them that I don’t but I would diversify a bit, if you want to go that heavy into healthcare maybe add JNJ, BMY, ABBV, MRK, or some med/lab equipment (personally like Abbot, ResMed, Stryker, Sartorius and Thermo fisher but that’s just me). I see no finance, real estate, materials, industrials, consumer staples and energy. It’s your choice what you do but I personally think that betting all on just a couple of sectors might be a bit risky.

I don’t know what your goals are but all I basically have to say is diversify a bit.

Regardless of the usual follow up questions about what your goals are, I don’t see any reason to go so heavy in Pfizer.

Well I figured that if the company that made the COVID-19 vac did well then could be a quick return however I do want to invest long term

Almost all pharm stocks follow a sideways line at best, you need to diversify properly or don’t expect gains year after year

Have taken Your advice and mixed it up of course my own risk but we are all taking a risk and we only live once right lol

As long as its researched companies rather than pot shots you will do fine, the diversity will ensure you see gains over time