Grouping and Re - ordering of the shares we own

Like lots of people I have more than one share that I have bought.

It would be really useful to be able to re order “similar” shares next to each other rather than them appearing in the order that you bought them. I.E all the banks together, Restaurant chains together ect.

Better yet if I could have a group called “banks” then on clicking it could show me all the shares in that group i.e RBS LLoyds ect.

But we would be able to name and create our own groups maybe ones like “Things I like to do and just want to own a little of” and “serious investing” ect.

It would also make the graph showing holding splits more useful as I am currently managing balancing the different types of shares in an numbers document.

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Would watchlists not kind of do what you want?

But I do agree that it would be nice to have a few different lists of shares that updates live with total value and profit etc.

I think the autoinvesting update (coming out any day now) could potentially be a workaround for this; from what I gather you could put money in different “pies” and maybe set autoinvest to 0% so you don’t add to that pie.

Yes its sorta been my work around atm is to use watchlists. But it keeps shares that I have and want to buy in the same place and its confusing.

The Auto invest is exactly what i kinda trying to acheive ie 5% in to the banking pot ect.

Just really a display improvement really.