[Suggestion] Stock folders

That feature has probably been suggested before.
It would be very nice to be able to bring a bit of order to one’s portfolio by enabling the creation of holdings folders (just like we currently have stocks watchlists).
Personally I’m getting lost in my investments and it probably even more of a mess when regular investments are being “diluted” in a bunch of pies fractional shares.
Anyway, that would be a real + :slight_smile:


I come back to the app every week and look at the mess that is in my portfolio tab and wonder why aren’t folders yet implemented … meanwhile…'Heeey look, Pie Comments!!! This is what everyone wanted right!!! No?.."

This would be a great feature. I have to use StockMaster to see my portfolio daily’s.


@George Any chance for this to happen soon ? Thx

Up. Please could we have a system to organize our stuff ?
Thanks :slight_smile: @team212 @George

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We have this in our todo, unfortunately it’s low priority.


Roger that

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I agree that this is a much-needed feature. I hope we can get it bumped a bit higher on the to-do list!

The “pie” feature can almost do as a workaround, except they only support fractional shares, and the extra bells and whistles of pies actually over-complicates matters if you’re just looking to organise multiple holdings in a cleaner way.

Once instruments are in folders, you should also display stats for the folder as a whole, like is currently done with pies.

Thanks for reading and I hope we don’t have to wait too long for this feature!

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I think the simplest way to implement this would just be to allow us to open a watchlist in the same format as we view our entire portfolio.