Has 212 got security issues?

Has anyone else logged out of T212 only to find the next time they open the app they are already logged in.
Also if you just close the app completely without logging out, the next time you open the app you’re already logged in.
Not a very secure app???

That’s a feature not a bug, logging in every time is a pain in the arse, especially if you have 2FA turned on. It’s secured by withdrawals and deposits requiring authentication - so its a sort of ‘view only’ mode - with some additional bits tagged on.


@Scrooge_McCodf 's right. This :point_up: is indeed an expected behaviour intended to provide a smooth user experience. Nevertheless, clients can still choose between a variety of security features, to provide that extra level of protection, such as:

I’ll need a bit more context to have this investigated further, please check your inbox :mailbox_with_mail: