Can someone help me understand this please?

The difference between the sell price and my average price is about 25. That *12.7 shares should be £317??? Why is it only at £88?

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Your right, the only thing I can think of is market volatility.

The average price and sell price is in $ so the profit should be $325.76 so in £ is around £237.67…

But yeah it still doesn’t add up… the only thing I can think of is other brokerages I use do this and its often due to the return part not being able to keep up the calculations due to volatility

App maybe lagging shouldn’t affect anything when it comes to execution and pnl though.


The 25 difference between your average price and the sell price is DOLLARS.
Also, you need to take account of any spread in addition.

The price shown is not the current sell price it’s the bid price

So 12.7 * 239.35 = £3039.75

That’s how much it cost to get 12.7

Now the using that BID 353.80

Let’s just take that as £258 for each share

12.7 * 258 = £3276.60

So I would make that return roughly

£3276.60 - £3039.75


Oh bugger if i knew i would have sold :grimacing:

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Thanks, thats what i was expecting as well, but looks like i wasnt even getting half of it

Yeah Im really not sure what happened with the calculations

@Rumen ? Why was it showing £87.90


Did you buy 4.7 and then another 8?

(4.7 * 258)-(4.7 * 239.35) = £87.66

(That 258 is just my est of what 353.80 was at the time, so could account for 24p)

Thats exactly what i did. Bought 4.7 then few minutes later another 8. I dont quite understand the above. Could you explain that please?

It was showing you the result of profit on 4.7

I think it was just a display glitch. And maybe going back in would have shown the result of holding 12.7