Hcmc order is not going through

Put a limit order through at 0.0001 and it has been pending foe the last two days, tried a small amount to see if it goes through, still not going through, can anyone help please?

It’s because the ASK is actually at 0.0002

Bloomberg being shit and not updating with a new quote

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You cannot buy because nobody wants to sell at that price. Current transactions are going at $0.00015 - $0.0002
Also, liquidity issues, normal for this kind of penny stock.

Now it’s saying this when I try 0.002?

Maybe it’s the system secretly trying to save you from entering a pump and dump. :joy:

I dunno 14,000*0.0002=2.80 dollars so the £2.05 checks out.

@Rumen ?

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@Harryr you have a buyer! :sweat_smile:

Still got all 400K of em sadly :rofl:

Did anyone try to sell ??? Im trying but its not selling hmmm

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Market closed atm bro

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I know but im trying to sell for few days in row and its not working

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