Is there any point in holding HCMC on here?

im holding HCMC and im wondering if there any point on here as theres been no movement for months and i cant buy any more? is there something going on with 212 and HCMC?

I am wondering the same thing! Although not a huge change, there has been fluctuations in the price, but 212’s last price update for me was the 8th Oct? If you can’t buy can you even sell?

Hold till the end.
(at this point)

Anyone know why price isn’t being updated?

Probably because there are no new price quotes. (if no one has successfully bought/sold on the exchanges)

trading has been taking place elsewhere but T212 doesn’t seem to let us sell?!

I’ve finally accepted the iconic mistake that was not selling my HCMC shares during the gold rush and put in a market order to sell them on 04/01 though these have yet to sell. I was on stocktwits and can see a lot of people claiming that despite people still actively trading the minor fluctuations in this stock on other platforms, none have been able to sell theirs on T212. Has anyone here managed to or is there something happening here with this particular stock? Even my COUV shares (which were delisted for a while) sold after a day despite the warnings of how long it would take. (and yes I unfortunately bought into these meme stocks during the pandemic).

My sell order is still pending and when I spoke to a staff member, they gave me poor information

The issue here is nobody wants to buy.


Anybody wanting to buy my shares?
The price is a bargain right now. :smiling_face_with_tear::see_no_evil::innocent::joy: