HCMC ?! What am i missing?

I have noticed that HCMC ranks high in the T212 hotlist stocks (#4 as of this writing). Out of curiosity, and after a quick look into their fundamentals, why are there so many people buying HCMC if the actual market cap is 300M+ with a price to sales ratio of almost 30 and only ~15M revenue which is decreasing (-15% yoy) with increasing debt??

Is it because of the false illusion created from having a big float so people think they own lots of super cheap shares(quantity of shares owned)? Or does it have to be with the patent war going on?

Was wondering what it was since so many people are buying/own it and if i understand what it is i might swing it too. At a 300M+ market cap and PS of almost 30 this is actually not a cheap stock and they seem to have quite a bit of dilution.

It’s a pump and dump


This is how the market works now. Didn’t you know?

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Yes. People are treating it like the lottery. Honestly, I’d almost put 20 dollars on it myself as it would have better odds than the lottery for doubling my money.

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I doubt that because i doubled my money on it and i still haven’t won the dam lottery. :rofl:

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I think Obrien was saying you were more likely to double your money buying these shares, than buying a lottery ticket.

Although with stocks, there are only 3 options, the value of your investment goes up, down or remains the same.

With the euro millions you have a 1 in 22 chance of winning any prize, and I dont even think the lowest prize would double your investment, and the next tier up is 1 in 49.

Exactly this.

For me it’s almost worth having a bit of skin in the game just on the off chance it goes to 1 cent.

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It’s the meme stock mania that still sweeping the market, it’s like a herd mentality to “beat the shorts”, or the hedge funds. At this point it’s playing right into their hands I reckon

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Their HQ doesn’t inspire much confidence.

Even the trees at the front look fed up


Very true yes! Well spotted!

So I looked at these a while back. However forgetting fundamentals these are my worries.

  1. Shares float has gone from 180 billion to 300 billion.
    2.All hopes are based on a court case.
  2. BAT already tried and failed against PM
  3. Even if they did or do win, the directors will sell up and run with investors money. The business is dying and as director I would take the billion $ and run lol.

This is a classic lottery play… but poor Managment. Iconic labs… now that’s got good management sorted out 2 of 3 court cases and has EGHO will to pay off debt and give them 50 million to move the business forward… Iconic labs is a mich better lotto set up than HCMC.