HCMC Update/Refresh


I’ve bought a few HCMC shares, but the value is never changing, and also the graph appears as unavailable.
When will we able to see this stock live? It doubled a few times, but couldn’t see any change in Trading212.



@David @Trader212 can you please check the price move there is no data in it .


Unfortunately, we have not received any price quotes from Bloomberg. However, orders are getting filled. I would suggest external sources as far as the price analysis is concerned until we find a better solution for this instrument.

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What about selling at the higher price? :slightly_smiling_face:

what aboubt selling for the highest price if it starts moving up tho ? they got a lawsuit coming up. it should atleast show some kind of graph @Rumen @Trader212

They said that we can buy, no problem. It doubled a few times this week, but the value did not change in trading, so we could not sell :slightly_smiling_face:. I’m also waiting to see what the lawsuit result is.

Just looked at this stock, very strange.

Yes, we will lose our gain if them not upgrade the stock.

I’ve said this in the other thread but I’ll repeat here the quote system from Bloomberg is not connected with the trading system.

The app could have the word banana next to the ask and bid, it’s just there to give an indicative price of where it’s at.

When you place an order it goes via IB

Whatever the current best ask and bid is what you get. Not what is in the app.

I know it doesn’t help having a wrong or out of date indicative price shown (trust me I’ve written many a thread on here complaining how shit the Bloomberg feed is) it doesn’t prevent you placing orders.


Please, upgrade HCMC!
We investors ask you to upgrade the stock chart, because we can only buy shares that not move and we can’t sell at highest price.

What do you mean? The stock chart doesn’t update, because the stock is not moving.
Or maybe I’m missing your question?

Only on Trading212 is not moving…
There are more topics like this for HCMC

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I havent been able to buy or sell any hcmc so how come every other platform can?

try limit order for both buy and sell…also try not to exceed 500 000 shares

I’ve literally posted just above to point out the price displayed in app is not connected to what you pay/receive.

If you know the BID is actually X checking externally and you want to sell then sell for X, either market or limit it to ensure a min received per share.

Don’t wait for a specific price to be shown in app.

Any update here -when this will get fixed ?

It is concerning that there’s no data shown at all, but in the couple of weeks I’ve been watching this ticker I’ve only ever seen it move back and forth from 0.0001 to 0.0002, and this price has been displayed on Trading212. If the stock price takes off, it’ll be interesting to see if the price changes on Trading 212. For now, it’s probably worth checking an external source for the price on this.

Unfortunately, I cannot provide ETA. We are checking whether we have better options regarding the price feed.

I have to say phildawson has already managed to provide the necessary explanations here, namely - the price feed of the equity instruments is indicative. It aims to provide you with a general idea of the chronological development of the price. The actual execution happens via a smart routing system that leads the order to the regulated market (in some cases to OTC venues, if there are a better price and better liquidity conditions; as long as the best execution policy is applied).

As Phil said - what you see on the chart is not binding to the actual execution. Bloomberg provides quotes for the instruments, however, they cannot supply quotations for every single trade in the world with a given security.

But if/when this starts growing more than double, and the chart will be more active, will we be able to see the changes in our app?
Even though it is active already:


Very curious as to why anybody bought this stock? Is this a complete YOLO for everybody? e.g. invest 20 quid and hopefully it does something. Theres 105 billion 100 million shares outstanding. It can’t go up surely? Is it worth even a 20 dollar yolo?