$hdg Hunter douglas tender offer and possible squeeze out

Hi, Amsterdam listed $HDG (hunter douglas) currently have an outstanding tender offer for €64/share with the stock trading at €68/share. I have a couple of questions for T212.

Firstly, is it possible to choose NOT to tender my shares and keep them on the T212 platform?

Secondly, if I do not tender my shares, management have stated that they may proceed with a squeeze out. During the period of this hearing the stock may not be tradable. Again, is it possible to keep the shares I acquired through T212 invest account while awaiting the outcome of this hearing even if they are not currently tradeable?

Many thanks

Currently, we have no mechanism to facilitate such type of event, therefore, no action will be taken from our side. That means that you can keep your shares as they won’t be sold at the price of 64 EUR per share.

All shareholders can preserve their rights to hold and trade the respective belongings until a definitive decision about certain corporate action is taken, meaning that management hearing as an event will not harm your possessions.

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