Transfer current share stocks into my new 212 account

I currently have some shares on the Hargreaves and landsdown platform but a friend just recommended trading 212 to me due to the free commission and with a £100 referral reward. Can I now transfer my current shares to 212? I asked H&L and they said it was possible and would be free of charge but I would have to contact my new platform to make it happen. How do I do it and who do I contact? And is there a fee from 212, I presume not.

Currently T212 only accept cash deposits, so you would have to sell on the HL platform and repurchase on T212. If your position is of small value this will be at no great cost, but can be costly if you are holding £10000+ value of shares. But depending how you time it you might come out ahead, having sold at a higher price than that at which you repurchase.

Great Platform for trading and investing. Just as an FYI the referral scheme is not £100 it’s 1 share up to the value of £100. My friend and I thought the same, but we received a share to the value of £8 each.

…again great platform for trading and investing