Heikin ashi charts in trading 212

Hi, im trying to get my head round the heikin ashi charts used by trading 212. They differ from over providers. Mainly they your red and blue instead of red and green.

What I don’t understand is if Red represents a downward trend why occasions will trading 212 colour a stick as blue (upwards) while other providers colour it red (downwards) I would have thought the movement would have been the same regardless of trading platform?


You can’t change the colors of the bars on T212. Each platform or app uses different colors as default.

I see some differences too when it comes to bar colors. Example:



Same instrument (VTIQ), same timeframe (1H) I don’t know which data is used to draw a bar. It should be open, high, low, close of the current bar and the previous bar and not the bid and ask prices. Otherwise you get charts which aren’t correct.