Trading View charts

So I’ve noticed that the charting on the current android app is provided by Trading View.

How long has that been a thing?


Couple days for me i think


Hmm, not available for me yet. I’m using the iOS app.
Otherwise this looks like a HUGE upgrade!

Yup I would love to see this. Or even better: use TradingView to directly place orders for both Invest and/or CFD.

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About a week. We are waiting for Apple to approve the iOS update before we announce it :slight_smile:


George, the graph is not tracking the price for me. Previous it would quote you the price when you followed it with your fingers. It won’t do that on my one and I would really prefer it if the chat displayed green or red as it did before instead of remaining just blue. Is this possible?

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Agreed. Another downgrade from what went before. Who is approving these changes ?


Hey @RobK, the graph can still show you the price of any given point.

To select on the new graph, you need to long press and then swipe, rather than just swiping because we now support scrolling which works by swiping left and right.

We removed the green/red colour coding to enable the new scrolling functionality. That’s because while scrolling, you would effectively keep changing the left-most and the right-most on-screen graph values. Since the colour coding of the graph was based on those values, this would’ve caused it to change colour frequently in this scenario.

We know that colour coding brings value and have some ideas on how it could live together with scrolling. We might bring it back soon.


In all honesty, on the summary graph it’s not really a feature that interests me. If opening the expanded graph, than yeah, i’m purposely wanting more control, but as a short summary graph, the instant look at red/green is far more worthwhile than being able to scroll through.

My opinion only, but people’s preferences are very different. Would be great as a toggle option in the settings.

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That’s fair, and that’s why are looking into ways of making both work together. We’re trying to avoid adding more setting whenever possible because it increases the complexity of the app.


Be my guest, make it more complex.



It’s a huge downgrade. It’s diabolical functionality wise and is an ergonomic mess.


Please bring back the old app. The new version is diabolical. It’s useless on a phone. I’m ready to close my acct and move my money out if this stays


Thanks mate, you sound pretty competent.

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I love it, we even get volume profile

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The ‘upgraded’ app is an ergonomic catastrophe (certainly on Samsung/Android)

I cannot understand how this has been allowed to be rolled out. Everything about trying to manage your view is harder to do than before

Did you have any beta testers look at this version ?


Could you be more descriptive? I don’t get any ‘ergonomic catastrophes’ on Pixel 6 / Android.

I really want to see what others are seeing - I keep seeing these terms but the changes are so minute to my eyes.


I like the change, seems like a logical next step. Is there a way of loading all the old drawings from the old version? And is anyone discovered if there is a way of creating reusable indicators tamplates? Thanks


My main issues with the landscape view are:

The amount of wasted space around the top, left and bottom edges of the chart area, which forces the chart area to be way smaller than it could be. It should be possible to minimise these 3 groups of options, so that they are only visible when I choose them to be

I don’t rate the labelling on the X axis, which has just a couple of weirdly spaced dates on it

When you scroll the chart to the right when displaying say a 4H chart, it shouldn’t be possible to scroll the chart back past the beginning of the available data by flicking the chart to the right. I’m sure this is how the old version of the app worked, but can’t check now as its gone. I am pretty sure I used to be able to select a chart period, swipe right to scoot back to the available data and then pinch to fit the whole chart onto the view. This could be made to work using the new 1D 1W 1M etc buttons, but as the moding stands right now these are fairly useless because they change the chart period that I had previously selected

On the portrait chart, the X axis is either not displayed, or when it is shown, is just has a couple of randomly, widely spaced dates on it

On the detailed view, at certain stages of using the chart, you get a circle with a < or a > in it, which in a descending chart such as GBP/USD puts the circle symbol right over the top of the part of the chart that I want to see

I’m sure all of these things are easily sorted, just hope enough people put their thoughts down so that the developers can see what we think

I’ll see how I get on with the new version of the app this week, maybe it will grow on me :grin::chart_with_upwards_trend:


Couldn’t agree more with your assessment. I also cant help but feel like these posts are infected by T212 developers and employees comments to try and make out there isnt an issue here when there clearly is. I cant imagine how anybody would see this as a step forward in UI design

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