Held stocks don't follow pre-market and after-hours price

T212 Team,

Even when markets are closed my stocks move in price continually. For example, my (buy) PRICE and CURRENT PRICE do not move but MARKET VALUE, RESULT and RESULT % fluctuate.

However they do not appear to reflect that actual pre-market nor after-hours pricing when I look at that on sites like Yahoo Finance, Seeking Alpha or Investing,com, which all seem in unison.

As an example, I bought PLTR yesterday at PRICE 24.59. The CURRENT PRICE is showing 24.00. Yahoo Finance has it at 24.70 pre-market as I speak. T212 shows me at a loss when in fact technically I am in profit.

It would be great if CURRENT PRICE really reflected the pre-market and after-hours price and that was used to calculate MARKET VALUE, RESULT and RESULT %.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

DC7 :+1:

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The change in value reflects the change in currency exchange not the pre- or post-market price change. The premarket change shows as gapping when the market opens.


Many thanks Alien :+1:

Do you know if there is any plan to add PM and AH pricing?

It was being looked at but understandably hasn’t been high up on the priority list this last year.