Pre trade share price


Can you please add feature to see the preTrade prices of the stock?

It will help quite a lot in share investment.


If you mean pre-market and after-market trading, this is planned for the future. Discussed earlier on the community. Try searching :slight_smile:

Hi Chantal,


Having a pre and post market trading is plus. My question is more related to just tracking a stock price. As it fluctuates quite a lot when market is closed.

Ah I see. I wouldn’t look too much at pre and post market prices. They fluctuate a lot. For US stocks, I look at Frankfurt. Some of them are traded in Germany too. Stocktwits also shows pre and after market prices. But only for US stocks.

Since the team told us pre and post market trading will be available in the future, I guess it will be easier to see the price on the T212 platform.

Excellent. Thanks for recommendations.