HELP! Can't sell $OPEN - T212 says trading suspended?

The market has opened and I can’t sell my shares in $OPEN (formerly $IPOB).

T212 states “Trading with this instrument is temporarily suspended. Please try again is a few minutes”.

Is that right?

I’ve now missed the all time high and it’s down 50% on that.



I can’t buy/sell any of my share

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Do you mean any shares or just the $OPEN ones?

I do hope T212 doesn’t cost me money again… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


from my ISA account but its seems now ok

@David can you help?


It’s as if someone hasn’t set the new ticker up to trade. You get the same message before an IPO opens.


@Joey_Fantana would you have any ideas why I cannot trade my shares?

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Now I can sell I’ve gone from a £1250 profit to a £250 loss???

@Dao - any ideas on the above, I’m now £1,500 out of pocket?

I’m not a member of staff but I’m guessing you’re in a low liquidity stock, meaning you can’t buy and sell as quickly as you like as it is dependent on a buyer or seller being available depending on what you’re also trying to do.

Hi Joey, no it was nothing to do with liquidity, the message was as per the above.

It would appear to me that someone failed to update the new ticker for trading to me.

Thanks for the response though.

@DC7 Acquisitions & other corporate events might not get reflected immediately. The stock became tradeable at 15:00 GMT.

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Gutted. That misses the high.

What was the ticker? I’d have thought that would only appear if there was a trading halt on the stock.

Was it IPOB/OPEN? That was a nice pop at the open. I’m hanging in there. Not quite convinced of the sell off quite yet.

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I’m out now, but missed the pop due to T212 not allowing us to trade.


@David - Why would this be?

By holding back trading for 30 minutes many customers will miss any run off the open, which is entirely likely in this kind of situation.

Will this be the same for other SPACs?

It would be wise to notify your client base if that is the case as I’m sure like me, many T212 customers are holding a variety of SPACs with the intention on capitalising on the impending merger.


Should’ve stayed in. Was always going to recover.

In my experience this is the first time I’ve seen a ticker change delay trading. Have only seen it once before where the ticker wasn’t changed at first but trading was still possible.

All other times they’ve changed seamlessly.

Blimey, if you can predict shares like that you must be a billionaire by now… :wink:

I did keep some in my ISA, it was the quick flip in my investing account that screwed me.

I’m worried it’ll be the same with $PIC, now $XL at US market open today. If only T212 could let their customers know!

DC7 :+1: