Returns help please

I have £2120 invested in the “Invest” part of the App , my “Returns” are £82.50 .

When I add up the profits on each of my stocks the total comes to £137.00 this is without waiting for the fix impact on the stocks to go positive .

Is there a reason for the difference in Returns” and the money gained on a stock . ?

Cheers guys

The moment you sell/buy shares, that number becomes mostly irrelevant. It’s a bit of pain. It won’t take into account overall profits or losses, only what you currently hold…

I keep my own spreadsheet…

Where is this “returns”. The chart will show the profit on your current portfolio of open position. Under history, you’ll find the net result of all your closed positions. But yes, the numbers stop adding up after a while. It’s best to simply track your deposits and value yourself, and that will show you your real profit. I’ve made a video about making a spreadsheet before:

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