Help us find a new face (and brain) for YouTube

If the brain and face are two different things then I would be interested in offering my services (whatever they need) for the brain part. I would love to help build the youtube channel for them and I would work at no cost because it gives the possibily to learn among the way (and this option is quite satisfying for me) :wink:

Interesting topic, following to see how this develops.

I agree, he is awesome. But he is USA based, so I’m not sure if it would fit here.

(Besides, he has been investing through Robinhood for long time)

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Yeah I know. I just said that his video editing style is interesting because he shares educational information in a both serious and entertaining way. Either way if someone is interested in making some videos I can work with him help him build some scripts (as soon as I finish my medical exams in college the upcoming month) :slight_smile: . I already have in mind some topics for a few videos:

  • Divident vs value investor
  • DiWORSification: when to many stock hinder your progress
  • Compounding and long term holding
  • Budgeting and how much should you invest based on your income and risk tolerance
  • Emotional investing and why it is a bad thing
  • How to read a balance sheet
  • Invest in yourself before investing in something else
  • Taxes - a fun hobby
  • Introduction to stocks,bonds,etf and commodities.

It is a very good channel. I’ve seen it referenced as a good source by people who don’t even use trading 212.

I’ve seen one or two decent UK based guys on YouTube but they’re trying to push their own books, trading courses etc. which I get bored of very fast. Not sure if that’s the type of guy you’re looking for. Other than this sales stuff I think Chris Chillngworth on youtube is easy enough to listen to and seems to know his stuff about both long term investing / company fundamentals and also the pure gambling side of day trading.

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I think it would be nice to use a range of YouTubers. I know a good few Trading212 users who are YouTubers, myself included. I would happily make a few videos for the channel and put lots of effort into it but every YouTubers has their own limitations. For example I know very little about the CFD side, and would not be comfortable talking about it. I guess the best way would be to approach individual YouTubers. You get a good video and they get some endorsement for their own channel. Just an idea!


plus FOMO trading (Fear Of Missing Out)


every influential finance youtuber that I can think of is American tho… I think someone like Joseph Carlson would be great, he’s a very logical and reasonable voice but he is also US-based


He’s not going to do it and would never move away from M1.

I think Trading212 should approach Infant Investors on YouTube. He’s got a great, growing channel, knows his stuff and he’s a Freetrader, doubt he’d be up for paying their charges for full universe so might fancy a switch over.


Any investing /finance youtuber who is already big on their own channel or is US based isn’t going to work for Trading212.
They probably need someone British and small

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To be honest i didn’t see any big investor/trader expert here in Europe or maybe i didn’t look very close, i know only from America
@ovidiuovidiuovidiu Il stiu si eu pe Andrei si chiar combina bine seriozitatea cu amuzamentul si uneori si magia :))), dar nu are cum sa aiba un parteneriat cu un broker din Europa. Poate stii unul cunoscut din Europa, dar ce am vazut sunt extremi de mici

Reading that sounds like Latin, pretty cool. Is it Romanian maybe?


@CaptainDangernoodle yes it is romanian. @Gbr Exact , majoritatea sunt youtuberi mici. Cine stie. Poate ma las de facultate si ma apuc de asta

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Da, oricum medicina nici nu are viitor eu zic sa te lasi. Si eu sunt la Medicina Dentara si chiar cred ca o sa moara curand, trebuie sa ne axam pe lucruri care chiar conteaza =))))))))

Thanks for the shout out!

I don’t think I suit video sadly. I’m not sure if I can get away with putting my face out there when I’m supposed to be furloughed, not sure how that would look!

Excited to see who gets picked! Maybe a collaboration with other brands? I guess that might not fit with the “face” aspect though.

My suggestion… please find a communicative and charismatic woman for that :woman:

Investing is a very sexist world and youtube is full of experts men talking about finance and investments, so if you don’t get MKBHD or Casey Neistat, it will be just one more.

It can be really nice for T212 online image and also be more open and inclusive.

My 2 cents :innocent:


What about Paul Briscoe?


GenExDividendInvestor is an amazing Youtuber, started his own community and is making super detailed videos about quality companies.

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are there any possible candidates @Trading 212? :slight_smile:

I’ve been watching Panda Boss (Anna) recently. She’s UK based. Fairly new on youtube but has some good content on personal finance. Might be interested? Link to her channel -