Has anyone applied for HL REIT IPO?

Any thoughts on trading price afterwards ?

Not sure. It may go up once starts trading.

I have seen this IPO on interactive investor, but ran past it quite fast.

Most REITs in UK are on lifeline at the moment let alone “A real estate investment trust that rents housing to homeless” does not sound like a money maker. (apologies for sounding like a dick :frowning: )

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Thanks for that!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: The government pays the housing association and they would be the people renting the HL REIT assets. It doesn’t depend on homeless people paying the rents. I may burn my fingers​:flushed:

On a side note (since this is the 2nd time you mention it) HL (Hargreaves Lansdown) is not associated with this reit, if you are under the impression of them backing/financing this etc. HL is just one of the brokers facilitating the initial bids.

I see! I was misled from their email. Thanks for sharing this Kali. Very much appreciated :+1:

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