Holdings pie transfer

Hi I have a lot of holdings already But can’t seam to add these to make a pie. My question is can you transfer original holdings into a pie or do you have to start from 0 and just keep the holdings as a non pie investment

You can add them to your pie under the BETA.

I’m on IOS, I had to follow and link and download
An app called TestFlight to allow this function.

Ok thanks for your reply

Hi I’m a bit confused on the help it says go to holdings in pie and you should see ( more actions) but on mine it doesn’t show all I want to do is import my holdings into a pie. Very frustrating

Did you join the beta test program?

There’s a full topic about this and dozens about the same question, please use the search function to help yourself.

Hi begrudgingly yes I did join the Beta.
The app shouldn’t have been released if it wasn’t ready for the general public.

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