Hotkeys for Auto-Investing/Selling

Hello everyone, this is my first proper post on 212 forums and I know this idea has been suggested before, however, it has been almost 6 months ago and not much detail went into it.

So I thought I could possibly give some examples of how this feature could work? So the idea was to allow users to be able to bind hotkeys which will perform a certain function. e.g. buy/sell in rapid concessions. These rapid concessions could be displayed on the graphics also charting the progress and allowing users to see if there actions went through.

Here your able to see what the setting tab could look like for the functions. Working from right to left I will explain what the sections role is;

  • Icon
    - Gives users a pacific icon from a pre-set list. Your able to see 2 examples:
    - Green Arrow to show when I bought.
    - Red Arrow to show when I sold.
  • Action
    - Drop down list is available for users to select from with predetermined options.
    - Example: Buy and Sell
  • Symbol
    - Drop down list is available for users to select from with predetermined options.
    - These could be:
    - The £ icon will allow users to keep buying at a certain price without having to
    retype the funds in. This would be buy at a set price meaning that you may
    not be buying a full share.
    - The % Icon will allow users to keep buying or selling at a certain percent. If a user
    is buying then the % will be taken from the free funds in your portfolio. Also if
    your selling then the % will be taken from the current funds in that stock. E.g.
    keep selling 20% of your stock in (Tesla).
  • Total
    - So the Total section varies depending on which Symbol you have chosen.
    - If it’s the £ icon.
    - The user will be able to place any number they want into the textbox.
    - This number will be the figure which is add or subtracted every time the user
    presses their key bind.
    - Also if it’s the % icon.
    - Then the user is limited to a number from 1 - 100.
    - This is because it’s a percentage based and the highest possible value is 100%
  • Key-bind
    - The Key-bind selection will allow users to select the pacific key in which they want there
    function to be preformed by.
    - You are able to see that in the example; I have use the (+ Key) on my keyboard to place
    a (Buy) order of (£100), which will be displayed as a (Green Arrow). Also I have used the
    (- Key) to place a (Sell) order of (20%) on a stock which I hold shares in displayed with a
    (Red Arrow).

Here is an example of what it could look like once a few buy and sell orders have went through. The green arrows displaying When the user has placed a buy order using their key bind. The red arrows are used to display sell orders. Depending on what way you set up your binds will affect what process which occurs once the bind is pressed.

There is more examples I could rammable on about but I’ll keep it simple. I feel like this function would be beneficial as it will remove having to repeat several steps every time you wish to place a buy and sell order. Helping users be more efficient with their orders but also reducing the amount of packets having to be sent from the user to the server. (e.g. reducing strain on server requests).

I hope people find this concept interesting and would love to hear peoples thoughts on it. :grin: