Keyboard shortcuts

Are there keyboard shortcuts for trading within trading212 web UI?

If not then are there any plans to add some? Examples may be opening detailed trade box, pressing enter to confirm a trade, tab between charts, shortcut to close selected position etc.


I was thinking the same. To bring up a detailed order screen you now have to right click and then click to show it. Would love to see this just by pressing “o” to bring up the order panel.

Maybe there are more of those possible.

+1 from me. anything to do with a bigger screen, i’m in. never a fan of burying my face in phone screens :grin:

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@Team212 any thoughts on this guys? Would be a huge improvement to the web platform and I can’t think that it involves too much development work.

Even a keyboard hotkey to open the trade dialogue, switch between long/short and enter to confirm trade would be HUGE!

+1 Especially to bring up the buy/sell function - too many clicks.

keyboard shortcuts would be good…There could eventually be a T212 keyboard…like the Bloomberg terminal ha

Along with a shortcut to bring up the order screen, make the chart movable / editable too. The whole “terminal” is frozen when viewing the order popup.

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