Advanced View - UI Suggestions

Take a look at the Webull desktop app. Makes this 212 platform look pretty sad!

I posted 7 days ago requesting that they reinstate the result by %.
No response as yet on this thread - not sure if T212 read the forum?
Meanwhile I have had an nimportant announcement…I have earned an anniversary - woopeedoo, I was going to get all excited and then I remembered I am not 12 years old anymore. please spend a little more time keeping us up to date with what if anything is being done about this and a little less time giving me pointless awards

They’re auto done by the forum.

If you spent any time here you’d know they respond diligently every day to topics.

Perhaps if you were more polite and treat people with more respect you would get a suitable answer.


I use the web app and I cant see the Switch to Old app feature anymore, I am unable to sort the portfolio by stocks with % Gains/Loss or Invested amount, alphabetically etc.

Please bring it back


Can we just get a decent Desktop application at this point?

T212 is great for it’s zero fees, but I feel so limited in it’s website… Would be nice to have more customization options.

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Happy belated cake day :birthday:

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A nice feature would be the ability to move the panels on the right side up and down and hide them to suit your own preferences.
Also the column that used to be on the right side and is now on the left should be switched back to the right side where it used to be. It saves time when it’s all in the one place. Again, the option to move panels to customize the layout would allow this.

Still can’t see that there has been a reply to people who would like the results by % column back, can you please just let us know if it is being looked at or not and a timescale?

I am usomter for over 3 yeras and still 2 things prevent me to use desktop platform other than create pie and buy/ sell order:

  • Charts - please make zooming better; I can make candlesticks flat in vertical to almost 0 but not enough height to see price movements, look to other tradingview, webull charts, add mouse scroll zooming, add timescale to the bar as buttons rather dropdown, we need quickly change that constantly
  • add more data to advanced view in column: % of daily change, fees; it is hard to see how our stocks performing and daily change data is missing everywhere
  • add daily change % in stocks displayed in pies, again I cannot get to see if stock performing well today,
  • also to find stock in pie from all stocks view it shows it is in pie but does not show which one if you have more than one
  • favourites list, in compact view you can see price change but no % day change option to change - I miss this so hard from day one, PLEASE add it.

I have feeling developers are not using desktop on daily basis and are scared off clutter, we need more info/ data! We can use webull for free without account opening. Please add above so I don’t need to use 3rd party tools. Thank you.


I am not sure if these messages are being read - please T212 can you let us know what is happening regarding the results by percentahe facility which you have removed?

I would like to propose the implementation of hotkeys. Preconfigured ones are fine, yet configurable ones would be even better. There have been numerous suggestions on the topic already, for example here & here. The forum already has keyboard shortcuts, so why not bring them over to the web app? It would go a long way into making the trading experience more advanced.

Moreover, it would be nice if we could dynamically edit our stop orders. Currently, we have to cancel the pending order, open the sell page again, then confirm the new stop order. I understand why this may be the case. However, simplifying this process would certainly be a UX improvement.

As a more hands-on trader, I find the current analysis experience a bit lackluster. This is why I use Tradingview on the desktop and Webull on mobile for charting and analysis. The aforementioned can serve as great sources of inspiration for the developers when it comes to improving the UI experiences of the T212 platforms.

Lastly, the web app can only be so “advanced” until limitations start hindering potential innovation. I hope to one day see a full desktop application to truly make T212 stand out among the neobrokers more than it already does :upside_down_face:

How would that work with people that occasionally have ‘fat fingers’?

There can be a toggle under Settings > Trading Preferences to enable / disable hotkeys just as we can enable Advanced View. There is, of course, the order confirmation window to prevent ‘fat finger’ orders from going through. If hotkeys were configurable, we can even make the order confirmation key ‘Shift’ + ‘Enter’ to avoid worst case scenarios. They may not be for everyone, yet there is clearly a demand for hotkeys as can be seen by the topics linked above.

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OK - I have questioned whether this forum is being read or not? possibly it is being read by T212, but it is not being responded too by them - the question I an others have asked is whether we could have the results by % back.
Please let us know if this is being considered and what sort of timescales are envisioned.

Hey, @Troll. :wave:

We are constantly monitoring the Community, especially when it comes to feedback regarding Features & Suggestions.

Showing the results by percentage is not in the pipeline at the time. However, if anything changes, we’ll make sure to post an update.

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Hi @Bogi.H Thank you for your answer, while not the answer I wanted to hear at least I know that the post was read - I woudl say though that before making any other downgrades to your system please see if the feature you are removing is something people find useful - I have invested 4K with you guys and turned a nice profit primarily using teh % feature to track my positions, I also have a smaller etoro account which is where my last couple of months money has gone and by the looks of it where the next few will go.

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Best of all, if we put object on the chart, can they stay in the chart even if you close the chart (like some sort of link to the chart and your account).
Like in any other advance chart platforms (Yahoo FInance, Tardingview)
It is really annoying to draw trends, channels, fibonacci’s etc, for them to dissapear as soon as you close chart. I would like to be able to draw something and be able to come back next day or week, and see those price movements in releation of what I’ve drawn.
What is the point of drawing the trend line or channel, if you cannot see next day if the stock stays within that line or channel ???

Also, alert limit of 100 is quite annoying, could we have like 200 or even 1000.
I understand that this is just one extra line in your database, and also more notifications to control, and sent out to customer. But it’s still just one entry, not like position where you need all details (date, value, quantity, ticker etc.)

Hey, thanks for the suggestions, we highly appreciate your time spent writing them down.

Currently, estimated time could not be provided due to the different priorities for some of our future goals, which precede some of these proposals. We will consider it and implement it if possible.

We are always open to new ideas, so we will be happy to hear if you have more.

I’d love to see a Windows and macOS desktop application.

I think the UK is really lacking in this department, in the US you have Tastytrade, Thinkorswim, Webull etc. all of which have very good desktop applications.

I truly believe a good desktop application will bring even more custom to T212, your no fee approach is great, but the web interface is lacking in features and it just feels clunky to use in comparison to something like TradingView, which to me has the best free charts in the business.

A desktop app with full featured charts and the ability to place orders would be amazing. I know it’s asking a lot, but one can dream.

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