How about a monthly fee to Trading212

Let’s be honest we all in this boat together and we could help each other whether you are an investor or you work for 212 we all want to make money this whole thing is about money. We have a great platform and absolutely fantastic support with brilliant community. If 212 goes down for whatever reason then we all loose simple as that! Latest change in leverage on CBD made us worried and it got me thinking “whats next” why did they made such decision and hardly gave us time to act? If you don’t know the answer… the answer is always something to do with money…

so I believe that we should start petition or some sort of vote and pay monthly fee to 212 in exchange 212 will notify us about any changes in advance, this will keep them going and makes us happy as we won’t be worried. I suggest between £10 to £20 per month and in exchange we would like you to mention more things to us in advance as well you could invest the money in growing the platform.

Remember guys just because we spoke they listen, maybe they struggling with money so let’s help each other, this isn’t just their platform, your money is on it! so £10 or £20 a month is nothing comparing to the earnings you can make.

It’s just an idea so let me know what you think?


I’d happily pay a fee for the ISA. It’s a fantastic product that T212 have produced. If there was a slider to turn on in app to pay a monthly contribution for the brilliant app I’d do it.


This money will let the grow and I’m sure more improvements and great features would also come out. You can try other apps/ platforms but you won’t find better than trading 212. I’ve been with them for long and they never let me down but lately I felt like they did struggle a little with money that’s why I believe we should act and help them out so they wouldn’t go down.

To be fair you pay Fidelity or Hargreaves about £10 a trade, or 0.45% platform fee. The problem might be people jump ship from 212 elsewhere - small time traders.

Why not a small notional platform fee instead - start at 0.1%?

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There are plenty of zero commission platforms around. Introducing a fee payment option would kill their client base.


Agreed. Fees are not the way to go. Premium subscriptions are, so long as they are not detrimental to the experience of free users aka. Putting essential features behind a paywall cough cough Feetrade


No, I’m not up for that. For me, the damage has been done. Haven’t they cashed in enough from all the losses people have made due to system down times, delayed executions and such like?

I know you have good intentions, but I simply disagree. And in fact, I’ve found another broker with a broader number of listings and 0 commission. No brainer.


What if 75% are here for the zero commission decide to sell and leave to a cheaper company, they would then certainly go bust


For me and a small account, a monthly fee higher than what I pay for HL would not be ideal. The reason I moved here was for the free trades on small amounts as I am a small time trader. But no other platform in the UK offers free trades or can match T212.

I would be fine with £1 trades. or some sort of bracketed fee for under £1000 (£1 fee) over £1000 (£3 fee) or something like that.

Any more than that and the platform would need a serious upgrade, premium features, premium research.


I don’t mind to pay a small monthly fee for the ISA as I wish good for longterm of T212.

For an ISA account and fee free trading, is there another UK competitor that even comes close? Pretty Sure HL wanted to charge me £69 to buy US shares. AJ bell is at least £9 per trade and a fee for funds which is free elsewhere.

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Who in the UK offers same number of products commission free? or are you referring to cdf?

I would be willing to pay a premium if we were given a premium product such as: API integration to TradingView or Nested Pies or better charts or custom indicators (like pine script indicators in TradingView) or eToro/ProQuant Manager features where people can follow your Pies and you get 1% from their profit or any other crazy idea that would differentiate the free account from the paid premium account.


Some people just saying there are so many 0 commission platform but the truth is there aren’t any other platform like T212 where everything is free with wide range of choices.


Who? Zero trade fees maybe. Does anyone else actually offer a free service?


Its not 100% free remember. They make some commission through their broker service.

I think of it like this I’m here for a longer run so I just want be safe that Trading212 won’t go busted in future. I want them to grow I just don’t know why they’ve decided to change the leverage on CBD to 1:2 with just few hours notice, from what I understood was that they struggled with money and wanted us to loose but some people said that that even if we loose that’s not how Tradin212 make money so why did they wanted to change the leverage 1:2 on CBD? other brokers did not do this? So if the problem is with money then sure I think premium subscription would definitely help them out

The invest platform is 100% free.

Would be great if t212 can be just transparent on their current solvency situation.

They are late publishing their group’s 12/19 accounts. The 212 UK entity shows losses in 12/19.

How does FCA allow something like this?
How can anyone keep a large portfolio with them at the moment?

I am ok to pay 15£ monthly subscription

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I would expect them to be more transparent with us and in return I wouldn’t mind pay them something monthly