Trading212 Paid Tier

Hi there, since investing in trading212 has been getting a lot of traction, and people are always asking for more features all the time, would you be open to introducing a paid tier on the invest platform? I know trading212 makes their revenue primarily from the CFD platform, but since the demand is so high in investing, a lot of people (I for one) might be interested in having a paid tier (kind of like Robinhood Gold in the US), where i can access features like lvl 2 market data, extended hours, margin investing, more small cap stocks, maybe some research reports on stocks, etc. Seems like a nice thing to have on the platform, that does not subtract anything from those in the free tier, but gives something extra to those who are willing to pay a monthly fee. Plus the revenue from that should be nice. Let me know your thoughts.


This is already in development, please don’t give them ideas to do a Freetrade and put it behind a paywall. :sweat_smile:


Yeah, it doesn’t seem to going down to well over there. I imagine T212’s about to get another boatload of users, seeing as it offers most–if not all–of the £10/m ‘plus’ service as standard.

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Are you crazy? Why would you suggest or ask for a PAID TIER?


To be fair, I do recall someone from Trading 212 already saying that it intends to introduce additional features that will be paid for. With any luck, that tier will be for more advanced features beyond T212’s existing free offering.

I don’t have too much problem with a paid tier but it’s got to offer customers value unlike Feetrade’s. (For the love of God, please don’t put pies behind a paywall though:)


maybe because in some rare cases, companies needs money to survive :wink:


The only reason I would see for a paid tier is if it provides services that are quite costly, and would not be possible to give out for free. But T212 don’t like adding paywalls to investing

The paid tier should include services for More sophisticated investors, and should not exclude those using the free service, for example, premarket hours isn’t essential for investing, but those who want it can pay it. Free users aren’t really missing out on much IMO. Multi currency accounts could fall under that too. I don’t really see much purpose in that so I guess a premium account could include that if more advanced users want it. Just features that aren’t necessary but are maybe desirable for some


I don’t know what features should be behind paywall, but I agree that there should be a paid tier. Mainly for trading212 to have another stream of revenue.

I, myself, haven’t used CFD at all and topping up all 20k allowance of my ISA in trading212. I am becoming more and more reliant on trading212 and hate to see it go sideways. Or become like revolut level of uselessness.

for a concrete example I know that transferring shares costs money. An FTSE 100 company charging 0.6% annual and 13£ per transaction is advertising they do transfer shares for “free” in trading 212 we don’t even have that ability and as long as its free i don’t think we will.


You people are crazy!

I’m enjoying this freemium model too much to be open to paying for features. Hopefully the competition with other brokers will allow it to remain that way for as long as possible.

I’m thinking T212 may have really good financials for 2020 from CFD trading, i’m guessing a whole bunch of the new sign ups will have dabbled.


Maybe i didn’t stress this enough. What i’m suggesting would not affect the free tier whatsoever, i’m just saying there might be a market which is willing to pay a monthly fee in exchange for some more advanced features that probably cost more to the company.


I think L2 data could be one, but could be a game changer if they could offer for free.

A second could be advanced technicals like

I’d like to hope though that the CFD and lending out our shares can continue to subsidise the Invest/ISA

I think the main peeps behind T212 have previously said that the subscription model doesn’t work and are against doing it.


There was this also:


Very strange, maybe he changed his mind thinking freemium doesn’t work recently… very conflicting

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Number 1 rule we use in development: Assumption is the mother of all ■■■■ ups :slight_smile:

Don’t get me wrong I am 100% happy with using it for free as long as its not detrimental to trading. And if it becomes a choice between quality and free I am not going to act like I am privileged enough to have everything for free

Again same, but from the concrete example I’ve mentioned above (share transfer) I got over 200k worth of shares in ii (where they charge 1.5% fx rate)

  • sell
  • convert fx
  • transfer
  • convert fx
  • buy

will cost me at least like 2%++ So again I would not mind being in a premium subscription instead of “never having the share transfer option”

Can they implement share transfer free? That would be just gravy!
And share transfer is just one of my concerns others i would not want to share publicly here :wink:

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I think you don’t understand the philosophy behind economies of scale! Why do you think companies like Robinhood can offer free services and others can’t?

Trading212 has a millions in volume and accounts with funds, CFDs is bringing them good enough revenue, now also with lending of shares from ISA/Invest.

As for advanced features, T212 can’t keep up with our requests and cannot keep churning out new features every day! You’ll get all the features you want and more, that too for FREE!

Just be patient, soon they’ll release a cash management feature, they will make money from that also so they don’t need to offer a paid tier.


Well frankly I wouldn’t mind having useful features behind pay wall.

When I say useful, but not crucial. I mean things like help with Tax reports based on Country of residence. For either capital/dividend income.

Maybe access to indepth Fundamentals data for companies, charts/historic results/potential future returns/analysis etc.

Then all those fancy dividend trinkets, like estimated monthly/quarterly/yearly dividend. Projected future dividends based on analysis/potential growth. Graphs of all sorts, yield on cost etc.

Priority for requesting new tickers.

24/7 phone support


Robinhood (and M1 Finance) also offers paid tiers.

I said before… I would happily pay for that… even if it’s free :joy:

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There is no reason to speculate what someone understands or not while knowing nothing about them. I wish you have chosen some other company instead of Robin Hood since they do offer a Robin Hood Gold with the some of the features @Vedran suggested and more.

Furthermore I understand there is a market for people saving/investing 20 a month through a mobile app for free, so there is no reason to capitalise on that. But there are also people willing to pay 50/100/1000 a year for advanced to professional features, and again there is no reason to not capitalise on that either.

I use tasty trade, degiro, interactive investor and hargreaves lansdown. Trading 212 is the lowest charging of these companies. Also have subscriptions to a few non-trade analysis tools. Why am I using those? am I a masochist willing to pay while it is available for free? or is it not really avalabile.

Also this :point_up: , can’t stress enough how important this is, you’ll may be need it twice in your trading life, but it might just be the life saver.


For the time being, we are not working on a paid tier. Instead, we are focused on offering as many features as possible for free. Instead of charging people money for things that should be free, our business model relies of scale, innovation and lean operations.

There are features such as Level 2 market data which cost money and can’t be offered for free. We will eventually package them in a premium account because there’s no other way. But right now we are too busy developing more free features for everybody and transform the whole industry…

AutoInvest is a good example. We could have offered it as a premium feature. Instead, it will be free.


Are Trading 212 working on introducing pre hours and after hours trading?.. I would happily pay for that service.

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