How are selected countries for promo chosen?

Hey, I am from Slovakia and wondering why is my country not included in the current referral promotion.

I don’t work for T212, but it is common for businesses to segment their users by country, or user characteristics, or usage characteristics. Marketing/advertising campaigns are often done on specific segments.

It may be the case in future that Slovakia will have referral promotions that other countries will not.

Nah, we never get any from any company. And I am wondering whether there is a bureaucracy issue or some stupid law from our government (which wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest|. Or our market is just not worth it.

Exactly as I mentioned. Businesses segment their customers. These are some things which businesses consider when doing that. It’s not good for people like yourself unfortunately.

Hey @Daredd :wave:

As @obrienciaran mentioned, the available countries, as well as the duration of the promotion in them, vary. Still, we intend to give each country the chance to participate.

So we’ll make sure to let you if the promotion becomes available in Slovakia.


Hey @Daredd :wave:

I’m glad to inform you that, as of today, Slovakia :slovakia: is officially a part of the Invite-a-Friend campaign along with Spain :es:. Here’s where you can learn more about the promotion:

Needless to say, we remain at your disposal at all times so, you can always ping us, if you have any further questions.


Hi, @B.E.

Any news when or if Portugal :portugal: will be also on the Invite-a-Friend campaign?

What if we invite friends from other countries that are already in Invite-a-Friend campaign, but the person that invite them is on a country outside the Invite-a-Friend campaign, all parts will receive the free share, including the person outside the Invite-a-Friend campaign?


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Awesome, thanks a lot for the change. Looking forward to inviting some people to T212.

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Hey @RLX :wave:

Broadening the campaign’s horizons is certainly a part of our long term vision, however, for the time being, Portugal is not in the pipeline. Needless to say, I’ll update the thread if that changes.

The referral and the referrer both have to be residents of countries where the promotion is active.

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