Invite a friend removed in Spain

Why did Trading212 remove invite a friend in Spain???

I think it is not legal. IBKR and other platforms don’t allow it also.

I think OP is referring to referral program.

Current program doesn’t offer participants from Spain benefits.


To qualify for this Promotion all of the following conditions must be met:

You and Your Referral have to be residents of one of the following countries:
The United Kingdom, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Ireland, Luxembourg, Lichtenstein or The Netherlands.


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It used to have the following countries:

Think he’s annoyed it was removed recently, and maybe @saifali is referring to it becoming illegal somehow?

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That’s what I’m asking, why did they remove Spain?

I’d like an explanation, as I was getting 2 more people to get a free share but I now I can’t

Well maybe @Team212 can comment. It might be legal or just promotional reason focusing on other markets.

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The promotion has a specific availability in terms of time-frame duration in the different regions, so it’s no longer running in Spain, Italy & Poland. Nonetheless, we’ll make sure to inform you on time in case the above is about to change.


What exactly does the pending referrals point mean? Does that mean if you had someone make an account with your referral link but haven’t finished registering or deposited, you’ll still be entitled to the free share?
Think it would be good in future to give 2 weeks notice, so people have time to sign up any other friends they were planning to- if this wasn’t already given?

Yes, that’s correct.

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Thank you, this explains it probably. I am sorry my chat of complaints earlier, I had the same message and also was disappointed without understanding the discrimination based on the country of residence. I now understand these are temporary promotion and you change it from time to time. Thank you

@Vedran I was only mentioning this because referals/invite program was not available in Spain on many brokers, including IBKR. So I thought it might be illegal/forbidden or so. But it appears that’s not the case as Tony explained.

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Also, via email I have shared a couple of ideas for example next time you can base the program on other factors like the amount invested, or the longevity of investment of the person referring, or the minimum amount to be firstly deposited by the referred person, rather than based on the Country of residence. Just sharing some thoughts, I hope the can help T212 to grow even bigger.

Could you PM these to me? No reason other than I’m interested in what you had to say

I’ts really annoying to be excluded from a promotion based on country of residence…


I agree, but I hope they put it again…