Friend Referral Codes

Hey, I saw that people who registered after the 26th don’t qualify for referral codes but my account was set up before that date yet I don’t have the option to send a referral code to a friend?
Am I missing something?

Even if you can send a code to someone, they will not be able to join. No new customers are taken at present.

Yeah I know that, but one of my friends still has the option, so I was going to send my code to a friend once it opened back up.
Just not sure why I don’t have the option but a friend does

Not all countries are eligible. Have you checked that the country you are in is part of the promotion?

yeah we are both in the UK so definitely are

Hmm. The removal of the codes were temporary and returned shortly after I believe so if your account is set for UK then it should be visible to you. Check once new accounts can be made again and if still having issues send an email to T212 to make a ticket to look into it.

ah okay thankyou, hopefully it comes back then