How are we suppose to make any money?

These are just my examples, I see comments saying the same about other companies, why limit how many shares of HCMC I can sell and limit what price I choose to sell at, we all know stocks can shoot up in a day to insane numbers.
Do other broker companies do this?

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Don’t know about all; Fidelity allows only ±50% from last traded price.
T212 allows up to 100%, not sure on all tickers.
But you’re complaining for +333% mate.


I’ve seen stocks shoot up in price, but I’m not sure what you mean by 333%
Could happen at any point, no need to limit selling shares.

Your screenshot of HCMC? The limit price you’re trying to set is +333% from current price at the time. Not even sure exchanges accept it.

For the life of me can’t find any article on it, but few weeks ago ING warned me that Euronext Amsterdam will now cancel orders too far from trading price.

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I’ve heard that chatter in the general industry as well.

Another cool option would be if 212 would hold the sell instruction and only send to market if it was within a threshold.

Say a meme stock was bought at $0.01 a share, and someone set a sell order to go through at $10, then could the instruction be sent to market say if it reaches say $8-9?

A price alert on your mobile somewhere near your target price would also do the trick, so probably not worth asking for as a feature as there are lots of other things out there that would be more beneficial(especially with a workaround).


They do this anyway. That’s why (I think) they don’t guarantee execution prices.

They basically place a market order when the limit order price is reached.


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