How are withdrawals sent to bank? (e.g BACS or Faster Payments?)

If I fund my acount with instant bank transfer, what will be the method of withdrawals sent back to me e.g. is it BACS or faster payments etc?

@Gary :wave:

The funds will be issued back as a standard bank transfer. See below:

We’re also in the process of improving the withdrawals, though. :gear:

@Tony.V Thanks for the reply.

May I also ask, how are the withdrawals being improved? Thanks again.

@Gary Sure thing! We’re adjusting our internal processes (which will further speed up the withdrawals), and along with that we’re exploring different providers that can help us to ensure that the funds are allocated even faster (than the standard up to 2-3 business days ) in your bank account.

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I am not much knowledgeable in payment systems and I don’t know what they use, but if you are exploring options take a look at what tastyworks uses.

I had a single problem where I withdrew $25K which got stuck a few days with “random IRS checks” After which point I’ve kept my withdrawals under $9999 and they arrive from USA to UK in just a few hours. By far the fastest service I’ve seen across all brokers I’ve used.

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