Instant bank transfer not so instant

Still waiting on money to hit my account via an instant bank transfer. No indication it has left my bank or been received into trading212 account.

I had the pop up in trading212 that it is processing.

When can I expect this?


If your bank isn’t showing it’s left your account, or its still pending, that’s where you need to start. Did you authorise the transaction with your bank, or is it maybe held up for some other reason (random fraud check maybe if you’ve never used open banking before?)

I can confirm whenever I’ve used instant bank transfer, after I’ve verified the transaction the money leaves my bank account within seconds and is in my Trading 212 account free funds within 2 or 3 minutes.

Was going to say the exact same thing

Can confirm money has left bank account now but not arrived in trading212

Hey :wave:

If there has been no confirmation for the completion of the transaction at the first instance- from your end, we encourage you to further review the situation with the help of your bank.

The usual time-frames for the funds to reflect in your Trading212 account after receiving confirmation for the execution of the transaction are :

  • Instant Bank Transfers- Within a few minutes after the confirmation has been received

  • Regular Wire Transfers- Take anywhere between 1-3 business days to be credited.

3 hours later it is now left and in.