Remove stock from Pie cannot sell

I removed a stock from a pie and there no way to sell it.

Any ideas? Still thinks it linked to pie!

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Have you tried to do pie withdrawal, on amount equal to the removed stock current value?

Custom withdrawal or rebalance might help

Set weight of stock at 0%, then withdraw money from your pie. That stock will be sold as first.

Thank you all for advice added back to pie, and then used the withdraw, selected custom and use the slider on the stock to 100%

Another way, which is the way I ended up doing it.

Remove from pie

This does adjust some of your other assets as well if your ratios have changed but you shouldn’t lose anything out of it

This does not work, since the minimum possible weight one can give a stock is 0.5%.

Hmmm that is weird. Is that changed? I have set it earlier on 0%.

You can set 0% for a custom purchase or sale, but not for target weight.

I think @chantal is talking about pie weightings, while @Richard is talking about invest/withdraw from Pie.

The topic is how to sell/remove stock from pie.

Thus as Chantal said, set weightings to 0%, then do withdraw from pie for the amount equal to stock worth. No need to set custom, by target withdraw will also sell the removed stock…

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Exactly. I was already doubting myself.

Have you tried setting a pie weighting to 0%? My point is that this is impossible. The minimum weight it is possible to set is 0.5%. Unless my app behaves differently to yours.

What you can do is to delete an instrument from a pie and then make withdrawal for an amount just a little bit more than you estimate the deleted position is worth. It will be sold with priority over what remains in the pie.

I would say poor choice of wording on my side, tho I understand what Chantal wanted to say…:slight_smile: by 0% I meant remove, but yes you click X thus remove stock which can later sold/withdrawn from pie.


I have a stock in limbo since yesterday, tried multiple ways to withdraw/sell it and all failed :pensive:

The team is looking on it :pray: